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Royal Brushes has been synonymous for international quality and supplier of wide range of Tooth Brushes..
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About Royal : Royal Brushes Private Limited began its operations in India's commercial capital, Bombay, which is now known as Mumbai. Mr. Dinesh Kenia, who is the CEO of the company, started it in 1981 and today, it is India's largest Toothbrush exporter and a major manufacturer of toothbrushes with a turnover of US$ 9 million.

Manufacturing : Royal produces tooth brushes in modern factories located in India/China.Having manufacturing capacities of 5,00,000 pcs per day.It has state of art automatic CNC Molding,Bristling,Packing machines from Germany/Belgium/Taiwan.All tooth brushes are produced under one roof and proper hygiene standards are maintained

R & D : Our Research and Designing department is on the job to constantly develop and test new and innovative designs, which are offered to our customers on a regular basis. Our highly skilled designers produce attractive and effective toothbrushes with a variety of shapes and colours that appeal to varied markets. Before marketing a new toothbrush design, our engineers make a prototype and test it extensively, before approving it for production.

Achievements : We have been winning awards for Exports consistently for the past twelve years from Plexconcil in India.

Royal's simple policy to success is :

1.Commitment to Quality

2.Competitive Pricing

3.Customised Customer Service

4.Consistent Delivery of Products



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